Accident Claims: The UK Practice

Every year, hundreds of thousands of workers suffer injuries at work places or faced diagnosed occupational diseases. Each of them has the right to get a fair compensation, regardless of the type of work or employment status.

Forster Dean Solicitors has extensive experience in accident claims, representing the interest in court on behalf of people who have suffered from accidents at work for all sorts of reasons (environmental, equipment, other employees or the employer’s negligence in matters of occupational health and safety, and etc.). The company is listed along with the most trusted legal firms at Solicitors Guru, the largest platform gathering legal services providers in the country.

The UK employers’ attitude towards foreign manpower is often characterised by dismissive nature. Thus, in case you have not been properly trained, provided guidance on how to use a particular system, or had to work with defective, unsafe equipment, or in case the necessary protective gear was not provided, which resulted in an accident that brought physical or moral damage, you are likely to be entitled to financial compensation. It includes compensation for injuries and compensation costs associated with inability to work and loss of potential income, treatment or rehabilitation.

If you are diagnosed with a disease caused by the environment in which you work, you may also be entitled to higher compensation. Here is a list of common compensable occupational diseases:

  • Respiratory diseases, the cause may be in contact with harmful substances such as asbestos, gases, paper or wood chips, as well as performing working duties in the hot and arid areas;
  • Diseases of the skin from contact with chemicals that are contained, for example, in laundry detergents;
  • Deafness;
  • Vibration disease, also known as white finger syndrome, pseudo-Raynaud’s disease, a disease developing as a result of an injury. The main etiological factors are manufacturing vibration and related occupational hazards: noise, cooling, tensing the muscles of the shoulder, the shoulder girdle, forced rejected the position of the body and many more;
  • Muscle tension (injury from permanent overload), such as carpal tunnel syndrome caused by performing monotonous flexion-extension movements (for example, when assembling machines or using the keyboard); this disease affects sign language interpreters and motorcycle racers.

What to remember?

In accordance with the requirements of the law, the employer must have insurance (Employer’s Liability Insurance), which insures its liability covers compensation and the cost of legal counsel to protect your interests. Get in touch with a local agency with decent reputation, such as Forster Dean to evaluate your chances for compensation and proceed with the case (read the info on a ‘no win no fee’ basis first, especially if you are running on a tight budget). If you’ve suffered an injury and looking for legal assistance, you may choose one of the 29 agency’s offices, located in the North West and the Midlands.

Most of compensation is paid out of court by the parties through mutual settlement of the lawyer with the insurance company of the employer. The presence of the official documents of the incident in the workplace helps to move forward with the case faster and simpler, while witnesses’ backup is another strong argument in processing the case.