Accident Claims: The UK Practice

Every year, hundreds of thousands of workers suffer injuries at work places or faced diagnosed occupational diseases. Each of them has the right to get a fair compensation, regardless of the type of work or employment status.

Forster Dean Solicitors has extensive experience in accident claims, representing the interest in court on behalf of people who have suffered from accidents at work for all sorts of reasons (environmental, equipment, other employees or the employer’s negligence in matters of occupational health and safety, and etc.). The company is listed along with the most trusted legal firms at Solicitors Guru, the largest platform gathering legal services providers in the country.

The UK employers’ attitude towards foreign manpower is often characterised by dismissive nature. Thus, in case you have not been properly trained, provided guidance on how to use a particular system, or had to work with defective, unsafe equipment, or in case the necessary protective gear was not provided, which resulted in an accident that brought physical or moral damage, you are likely to be entitled to financial compensation. It includes compensation for injuries and compensation costs associated with inability to work and loss of potential income, treatment or rehabilitation. Read more »