The Essential Role Of The Brands

The brand represents a combination of assets, designed to identify the products or services of the company, as well as indicate its key differences from competitors. The brand defines the manufacturer or supplier of goods and identifies the manufacturer or seller. Let’s consider an example of a carbonated drink Coke, which can be produced by any manufacturer, in contrast to Coca-Cola, entitled to be produced exclusively by Coca-Cola Company. read more

The importance of reference aspects in link building

Before you proceed to the construction of a reference bridgehead, you need to clear out the parameters that affect the links weight. Unfortunately, some of the principles of search algorithms are still not known (and supposedly will never be revealed). However, over many years of practice, patterns studying and manual testing SEO-experts have managed to dig out plenty of facts on how SERP behaves. Mentioned below is a quick list on the most vital parameters that form link weight, kindly gathered by one of the most famous digital marketing manchester teams – HTP Digital, assisting businesses with staying relevant since 2001. read more