The Top Industries that need Industrial Degreaser Technologies

The Top Industries that need Industrial Degreaser Technologies

Industrial degreasers are becoming a common resource to facilitate manufacturing and maintenance processes. A wide range of businesses have industrial cleaning needs for which they depend on different heavy duty degreasing technologies.

But some industries use the technology on a daily basis as it forms an integral part of their operations. Some of the top industries utilizing the technology include:


Industrial degreaser systems that you would get from are common in manufacturing industries that need to clean parts for further processing. The parts need to be free of foreign contaminants like metal shavings, sand, casting sand, machine oil, lubricants, polishing materials and other harmful substances before they can be put into the next phase of manufacturing operation.

Industrial washers are chosen based on the industry and the items they would be cleaning. The Firbimatic Cleaning System can be used as a metal degreaser, something you could know more about from standardindustrial here . Did you know that this cleaning system can also clean various parts using mechanical washing and kinetic energy spray treatment?

Automotive and Vehicle Maintenance

Industries dealing with vehicle and parts manufacturing and maintenance regularly need to eliminate contaminant from their components. It can be anything from grease, grime, dirt, dust, oil that need to be washed off from drive chains, transmission, engines, carburetors and other automotive parts.

The industries need a reliable metal degreaser like Firbimatic solvent system which utilizes different technologies like immersion and spray cleaning to rinse off all contaminants. The industrial cleaners are made according to highest quality standards and save labour and cost while delivering quick turnaround times.

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipments

When it comes to industries like pharmaceuticals, you need to maintain a high level of hygiene standard in your facility. The industrial washers must be able to remove all traces of contaminants from the specialized parts with 100% efficiency to meet health and safety standards.

Also, the materials undergoing cleaning can differ from other industries. Medical industries often use non-metallic materials like plastic which will require a different type of cleaning process. The Firbimatic solvent cleaning machines can handle non-metal parts like synthetic plastic which are dried under vacuum in a sealed environment for ready processing.




Aeronautics and Aerospace

The industries engaged in airspace technologies deal with high precision parts and equipments which need sensitive yet thorough cleaning. Apart from mechanical parts they also utilize various electronic components and substrates like circuit boards, ceramic items and electronic chips.

You cannot use a traditional industrial degreaser in this case which demands an innovative solution. The UltraClean range of industrial cleaning systems employs ultrasonic technology to clean such sensitive and high precision parts.

The technology is also useful for degreasing in military, printing and electronics industry. A process called cavitation is used to create and collapse innumerable micro bubbles in a rapid sequence which provides a gentle yet effective cleaning.

Cleaning is an Universal Need

Almost every industry you can imagine needs industrial degreaser technologies. The nature of solution adopted by them varies, but the purpose and objectives are the same- to automate industrial cleaning tasks for greater accuracy, efficiency, speed and cost effectiveness.

Why should you use VPN

Two of the most important features that can be obtained from VPN use are:

  • IP manipulation
  • Anonymity

Though VPN is notorious for slowing down the speed of the internet but still it is used all over the world for ensuring that browsing is done safely and securely. There are many reasons for which the VPN should be used. By the end of this article you will certainly arrive at the conclusion that you need one. And I can recommend in advance the best VPN guides on AntaNet that will make the choice for you little easier. Some of the reasons to use VPN services are mentioned as under:

  1. Use shared the internet with ease

It is one of the best factors that are associated with VPN. With this technology you are in the world of the internet all the time and there is no fear of info compromise by any means. It is a known fact that public internet services are not safe at all. VPN therefore ensures that 100% anonymity is not only enjoyed but implemented over the personal data and email services. VPN encrypts the data and while it is traveling over the network it is not possible to compromise any part of it.

  1. Download restricted data

Like iOS restricts the download of copyright music many websites and services disallow downloading of such data as it is the intellectual property of others. Such downloads are also reported to the authorities. VPN is therefore one of the best companions of all P2P downloaders. It manipulates the IP and therefore it is the best terminology that is used to download all the copyrighted as well as restricted data.

  1. Bypass censorship

Countries like Saudi Arabia as well as Iran which have strict internet laws are the ones where VPN should be used to access blocked websites. Accessing full World Wide Web is therefore only possible if VPN is used. There is no fear of getting caught as well as VPN tunnels the user out of restrictions imposed. The freedom that it provides is the best part of the entire process.

  1. Eliminate eavesdropping

The users of Skype and Lync use VOIP services a lot and therefore these users should make use of VPN to ensure that you never fall victim to eavesdropping. It is a common terminology and even low-level hackers can hack into your system and listen to your calls. VPN encrypts the data and therefore listening to the calls for any attacker is not possible. There is no other feature that can lead to this level of security. VPN is on the other hand is easy to maintain and install even on a business level.

  1. Choose the location you love

You can watch your Netflix home base videos on the move if you are using VPN. Local networks of any company can get you the results that you do not want and therefore the use of VPN gets you the exact subscription services you want. Locations based VPNs are very easy to use and therefore should be used to enjoy like you do at home. You can force your ISP to access the data that belongs to your home country giving you the same feel as you are at home.

It is a sure fact that VPN services open the world of internet for you. It is therefore advised to use VPN services to get over the restrictions if there are any in your country. The World is a global village and it is only due to the internet. Browsing it as you like will not only get you knowledge but will also allow you to get the material which you cannot access when you are in real need.

Enjoying The Benefits Of Ultrasonic Cleaning

Various metal products production technologies require practicing special and delicate approaches as for the cleaning of the details’ surfaces. However, the form of many products doesn’t allow effective internal surface degreasing; dealing with blind holes or threaded connections in the conventional washers is another challenge. Fortunately, the panacea is already there and available for large-scale production facilities – ultrasonic baths not only cope with the degreasing of parts quickly and efficiently, but also enable you to get rid of rust, a variety of adhesives, lapping lubricants (including the ones based on graphite) and even grinding and polishing pastes based on chromium oxide.

How it works?

Washing in ultrasonic baths is carried out through placing the items in a liquid which often is an aqueous solution of detergent-based surfactants. Unlike washing products with blasting chambers, cleaning with ultrasonic baths provides an ability to take advantage of water-soluble detergents with different pH, from acid to strongly alkaline. This allows the use of ultrasound equipment for the removal of carbon from the molds and dies, cleaning oxides, degreasing of metal and other materials.

Ultrasonic cleaning method is based on the phenomenon of cavitation. Powerful ultrasonic transducers acting on the fluid, creating the field of variable pressure, the density of which varies with the master oscillator frequency. The nodes of cavitation are constantly formed, collapsing steam bubbles and forming bursting effect, which in turn affects the pollution, increasing the effectiveness of detergents in the tens or hundreds of times. The lower the frequency is, the larger the size of the cavitation bubbles and thus they are more powerful, however, the effect can damage the precision parts, such as printed circuit boards or polished surfaces if applied to the frequency of 40 kHz. Another weak point is considerable energy consumption and quite complicated infrastructure maintenance.

In addition to ultrasonic power use, baths themselves deal with ultrasound – the approach used to enhance the effect of degreasing and cleaning of metal parts with complex shapes (for example in the processes where solvents are used, as well as submersible with jet washing machines).

Ultrasonic equipment

Ultrasound systems can be incorporated in existing lines degreasing parts, as well as for the organization of pre-metal degreasing in electroplating lines. Ultrasonic washing allows for additional cleaning of parts and longer-lasting impact electrochemical degreasing baths clean.

Modern ultrasonic cleaner equipment for degreasing based on technologies developed by Hilsonic is considered to be one of the best choices as for price value ratio. Hilsonic Company is investing heavily in researching, modernizing and testing, which results into decent quality ultrasonic cleaning devices. Thus, the piezoceramic transducers used on Hilsonic devices allow a 97% efficiency to convert the current frequency into vibrational energy. Ultrasonic washing is no longer an exotic cleaning method, and mostly due to the pioneers and evangelists of the method, putting significant effort into making the technology cost-efficient and, of course, effective. Thus, ultrasound method pays for itself within the first year of use at medium-scale enterprises.

Overhead Cranes Inspection Peculiarities & Real Use Cases

To date, the issues of safe operation and examination of industrial safety of lifting equipment is absolutely vital since it falls in the focus of many supervisory authorities. One of the components of the examination of lifting devices is a significant technical diagnosis of overhead cranes to identify hazardous operational defects. In this article, prepared in close collaboration with GMH Company, Granada Material Handling, specialised in overhead cranes and gantry hoist production and maintenance and being one of the UK industry leaders, we consider the experience of the application of acoustic emission control method for diagnosing metalwork lifting structures.

From the experience of operating gantry cranes it is known that the a result of the impact of various adverse factors forms dangerous fatigue failures. The identification of such defects in the course of the examination of cranes traditional methods of control over existing methods is extremely problematic, especially in remote or hard to reach areas. On this basis, to identify hazardous operational defects and reliable assessment of the technical condition of the crane, the companies may want to make use of the acoustic emission method. This method makes it possible to record wave elastic stresses arising from internal local dynamic restructuring of the material structure. These processes are accompanied by the accumulation of structural damage, the formation and growth of cracks that eventually lead to a limiting conditions and structural failures. Read more »

Street Lighting Evolving: The LED Shining

Economical street lighting today is a necessary measure not only because it allows you to pay less for electricity, but also because the natural energy resources are being depleted so quickly that their shortage is related to one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. Metcraft Lighting manufacturers, a noteworthy UK-based manufacturer and a led street lights pioneer, the company that managed to press for 567% energy consumption savings, is now reaping the fruits of the innovations. So what is the secret behind LED success?


LED lamps manufacturers like Metcraft offer a wide range of products for street lighting niche, having various modifications built for different purposes. With their help illuminating the streets, roads, yards, plots of land, parking lots, gas stations, bridges is always a walk in the park mission. Products that work on the basis of light-emitting diodes have a high enough value, so you need to choose them carefully, paying attention to even the little things, after all, depends on them time and quality of the lamp.

A rational approach to the selection of LED street lamps

First of all, industry experts recommend to pay attention to the aspects mentioned below.

Purpose of the LED lamp. The choice in favor of a lamp is worth doing with the features of the area it will cover in mind. Before you choose a particular model, you need to calculate the area dimensions, which can reveal the ideal type of lamp and a suitable modification. So much for the lighting of roads, gas stations one should buy console LED lamps, characterized by the wide power curve of the luminous flux that help to achieve uniform illumination. Power LED lamps for street, which is planned to replace the conventional lantern, must be not less than 90W (120W for some cases). To illuminate individual municipal, industrial and other facilities, as well as yards, gardens of private homes it is reasonable to make use of fixtures without an optical system with the curve of the radiation flux of type ‘D’.

Read more »