Street Lighting Evolving: The LED Shining

Economical street lighting today is a necessary measure not only because it allows you to pay less for electricity, but also because the natural energy resources are being depleted so quickly that their shortage is related to one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. Metcraft Lighting manufacturers, a noteworthy UK-based manufacturer and a led street lights pioneer, the company that managed to press for 567% energy consumption savings, is now reaping the fruits of the innovations. So what is the secret behind LED success?


LED lamps manufacturers like Metcraft offer a wide range of products for street lighting niche, having various modifications built for different purposes. With their help illuminating the streets, roads, yards, plots of land, parking lots, gas stations, bridges is always a walk in the park mission. Products that work on the basis of light-emitting diodes have a high enough value, so you need to choose them carefully, paying attention to even the little things, after all, depends on them time and quality of the lamp.

A rational approach to the selection of LED street lamps

First of all, industry experts recommend to pay attention to the aspects mentioned below.

Purpose of the LED lamp. The choice in favor of a lamp is worth doing with the features of the area it will cover in mind. Before you choose a particular model, you need to calculate the area dimensions, which can reveal the ideal type of lamp and a suitable modification. So much for the lighting of roads, gas stations one should buy console LED lamps, characterized by the wide power curve of the luminous flux that help to achieve uniform illumination. Power LED lamps for street, which is planned to replace the conventional lantern, must be not less than 90W (120W for some cases). To illuminate individual municipal, industrial and other facilities, as well as yards, gardens of private homes it is reasonable to make use of fixtures without an optical system with the curve of the radiation flux of type ā€˜Dā€™.

Pay close attention to the components of the lamp. The main part of the lamp, the LED, defines the quality of the entire device to the great extent. Among the manufacturers of LEDs presented on the UK market there are reps from virtually all the corners of the globe. However, judging the quality of the product by country is definitely not the smartest way: thus, it is worth considering the efficiency of LEDs (measured in lm/W), the price per lumen, modes of operation, service life, degradation characteristics. The well established companies such as Philips, LG and OptoGaN – these are the guys you can count on.


The power factor of power supply is another crucial aspect to pay attention to. Experts say that this figure should strive to equal the index of 1 and be not less than 0.97 mark.