The Top Industries that need Industrial Degreaser Technologies

The Top Industries that need Industrial Degreaser Technologies

Industrial degreasers are becoming a common resource to facilitate manufacturing and maintenance processes. A wide range of businesses have industrial cleaning needs for which they depend on different heavy duty degreasing technologies.

But some industries use the technology on a daily basis as it forms an integral part of their operations. Some of the top industries utilizing the technology include:


Industrial degreaser systems that you would get from are common in manufacturing industries that need to clean parts for further processing. The parts need to be free of foreign contaminants like metal shavings, sand, casting sand, machine oil, lubricants, polishing materials and other harmful substances before they can be put into the next phase of manufacturing operation.

Industrial washers are chosen based on the industry and the items they would be cleaning. The Firbimatic Cleaning System can be used as a metal degreaser, something you could know more about from standardindustrial here . Did you know that this cleaning system can also clean various parts using mechanical washing and kinetic energy spray treatment?

Automotive and Vehicle Maintenance

Industries dealing with vehicle and parts manufacturing and maintenance regularly need to eliminate contaminant from their components. It can be anything from grease, grime, dirt, dust, oil that need to be washed off from drive chains, transmission, engines, carburetors and other automotive parts.

The industries need a reliable metal degreaser like Firbimatic solvent system which utilizes different technologies like immersion and spray cleaning to rinse off all contaminants. The industrial cleaners are made according to highest quality standards and save labour and cost while delivering quick turnaround times.

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipments

When it comes to industries like pharmaceuticals, you need to maintain a high level of hygiene standard in your facility. The industrial washers must be able to remove all traces of contaminants from the specialized parts with 100% efficiency to meet health and safety standards.

Also, the materials undergoing cleaning can differ from other industries. Medical industries often use non-metallic materials like plastic which will require a different type of cleaning process. The Firbimatic solvent cleaning machines can handle non-metal parts like synthetic plastic which are dried under vacuum in a sealed environment for ready processing.




Aeronautics and Aerospace

The industries engaged in airspace technologies deal with high precision parts and equipments which need sensitive yet thorough cleaning. Apart from mechanical parts they also utilize various electronic components and substrates like circuit boards, ceramic items and electronic chips.

You cannot use a traditional industrial degreaser in this case which demands an innovative solution. The UltraClean range of industrial cleaning systems employs ultrasonic technology to clean such sensitive and high precision parts.

The technology is also useful for degreasing in military, printing and electronics industry. A process called cavitation is used to create and collapse innumerable micro bubbles in a rapid sequence which provides a gentle yet effective cleaning.

Cleaning is an Universal Need

Almost every industry you can imagine needs industrial degreaser technologies. The nature of solution adopted by them varies, but the purpose and objectives are the same- to automate industrial cleaning tasks for greater accuracy, efficiency, speed and cost effectiveness.